What are your office hours?

Monday – Saturday, 8 am – 6 pm



Shipping details 

We offer flatpack shipping when available.

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Delivery details

We offer a 2-5 day delivery when items are in stock.

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Returns details 

We offer a 14-day return policy.

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Where can I buy Monton products?

We personally choose which interior designers and architects can work with our products. To insure that they are used in the right way. We also work directly together with a selection of retailers that fit our mission and brand.


What is Monton's take on sustainability?

sustainability is one of our top priorities. As a start we only work with recyclable & 100% recycled materials! Like recycled steel and recycled fabric made from old plastic bottles.

For every product sold. Even little purchases. We plant not one but two trees in areas around the world that most need it. So if somebody bought 6 products. We would dubbel that and plant 12 trees.

We also produce all of our our products in Europe. (majority in The Netherlands) to keep our supply chain short and cut back on emissions. While insuring the highest quality.

But in our eyes, we can always do more to make the world of tomorrow better so we keep striving to become a little bit better every day.


What is your PR contact?

Please contact press@studiomonton.com for press inquiries and the image bank.


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