The creation of the Monton philosophy

The creation of the Monton philosophy

By Chris Joosten

Studio Monton was founded with 3 main principles in mind: Harmony, Modularity, and timelessness. These concepts were chosen because when combined a new concept would emerge where design is a journey and not a destination.


 • Harmony

Throughout our whole collection, we keep the same color pallet consisting of 10 options, ranging from darker tints to poppy pastels. We do this to ensure you that all products can be matched together and create an atmosphere that feels modern yet cozy. We also see our collection as one large collective that should have the same tone and not speak over each other. But by using colors and designs that are still relevant to the rest of the market. The products made by Studio Monton will never feel out of place.



• Modularity

We believe that modern designs should be able to adapt itself to different environments and serve multiple tasks. With this in mind, we enabled all of our products to be able to switch their appearance in only a matter of minutes and serve multiple purposes. In this way, we can be sure that your space can always keep looking fresh and change with you throughout the years. Our products are made to fit you, not the other way around.




Our products are made from 100% recycled steel and are fully recyclable. We created a platform where you get to design the final product. Choosing from a collection that has been designed with inspiration taken from the most beautiful cities around the world. Using shapes and colors that stand out yet keep a calm look. For you to create a unique piece that will last you a lifetime.


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