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The Vienna coffee table was the founding piece that sparked the Monton philosophy. The design team was in Vienna when they noticed something special. The city acts like one large machine, that can be adjusted to the people's needs. From the early morning hours when kids are brought to school, too late at night when groups of friends try to walk straight after a good night at the local cafe. But throughout the day, one thing stayed the same. It always was about people connecting with each other.


This gave them the idea for a coffee table, "a place where everybody could gather around", which can change its appearance depending on the needs of the people and the space around them. This makes it a timeless piece of furniture that you can use on any occasion. From watching that important world-championship match, to a place to sit down and relax with a good cup of coffee.



From laser-cutting to coating, it all happens within one factory to eliminate transportation emissions and save time so we can deliver your product quicker. We use ~100% recycled steel for all components.

All equipment used for production runs on green energy. We even use green gas for our coating chambers to stay as efficient as possible. The table is shipped in a flatpack box to save on possible emissions during final transport.


L: 37.5x7x7 cm

XL: 60x7x7 cm



Studio Monton, 2020


~100% recycled steel


The metal sheet gets laser-cut by a state-of-the-art machine with a precision of 0.1mm. The shapes of the tables get perfectly aligned with each other to create as little material waste as possible. excess material always gets recycled. The corners of the table get bent by an automated robot to ensure a perfect 90° angle.