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The inspiration for the Porto chair was found in the famous Porto bridge, which connects the 2 city sides to each other. We saw the bridge as one flowing line, this formed the design for a shape that never seems to end. The back of the Porto chair is one flowing line that connects the frame to the backrest, just like the bridge that connects each side of the river to the other. 


The purpose of the bridge is not bound to just one objective. It was designed to be used by pedestrians, the metro, cars, and much more. This made a perfect connection to our own design philosophy. We should not be bound by 1 view, but create different views to explore new perspectives. With this in mind, we designed 4 distinct looks that are instantly recognizable and can be matched with each other to create a playful look.



53cm x 51cm x 82cm



~100% recycled steel



From laser-cutting to welding and finally coating. It all happens within one factory to eliminate transportation emissions and save time so we can deliver your product quicker.

Using ~100% recycled steel, 98% post-consumer recycled polyester



Studio Monton, 2022



The metal sheet gets laser-cut by a state-of-the-art machine with a precision of 0.1mm. The shapes of the tables get perfectly aligned with each other to create as little material waste as possible. excess material always gets recycled. The corners of the table get bent by an automated robot to ensure a perfect 90° angle.