Studio Sète

Studio Sète

Studio Sète is a design studio led by Simone, a highly talented and creative designer with a passion for creating unique and innovative products. Inspired from the historic city of Sète in the south of France, it has created multiple designs that have impressed. 


Since its founding in 2019, Studio Sète has collaborated with a range of clients, to create a wide range of products, including furniture, lighting, and home accessories. Under Simone's leadership, the studio has gained recognition for its use of natural materials and shapes, innovative designs, and commitment to sustainability.


One of Studio Sète's most notable collaborations was with Studio Monton. Together, the two studios designed the Switch Lighting Collection, a range of lighting fixtures that seamlessly blend form and function. The collection features a unique switching mechanism that allows users to adjust the light output and create different moods and atmospheres. The Switch Lighting Collection has been widely acclaimed for its innovative design and attention to detail. 


Simone's passion for sustainable design is reflected in all of Studio Sète's work. The studio's designs are inspired by nature, and Simone believes that sustainability should be at the forefront of all design decisions. She uses natural materials such as wood, metal, and glass, and incorporates sustainable practices such as recycling and upcycling into her designs.


Today, Studio Sète continues to push the boundaries of design and sustainability, creating products that are both beautiful and meaningful. Under Simone's leadership, the studio has become a leading force in the world of contemporary design, and its work continues to inspire and delight designers and design enthusiasts around the world.

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